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    Faculty members of the community nutrition group

    first name and last name degree of education Major Academic Rank Field of educational activities Field of research activities E-mail
    Dr. Nasser Kalantari MD Pediatrician Doctor


    Professor Masters : خدمات تغذیه ای در نظام مراقبتهای بهداشتی، تغذیه دوران های زندگی، سوء تغذیه کودکان

    Masters : Food and nutrition planning

    P.H.D Politics : Nutrition in crisis, population, environment and nutrition

    -Improve children's growth, nutrition and development(ECD)

    -Breast milk

    -Integrated management of pediatric diseases (Mana)

    -Food security and community nutrition

    nkalantari1334 @ gmail
    Dr. Nasrin Omidvar PhD in Nutrition Science / Health Education and Psychology nutrition science Professor Bachelor of Nutrition Sciences: Nutrition assessment- اصول برنامه ریزی و مدیریت برنامه تغذیه ای- Feeding special groups

    Master of Nutritional Sciences : Food and nutrition planning

    Ph.D. in Nutrition : Planning and managing nutrition programs

    PhD in Food and Nutrition Policy: History of Nutrition Thinking,

    Reproductive Health PhD: Nutrition and Reproductive Health

    – Food security

    -Interventions to change eating behaviors and improve lifestyles, especially in children and adolescents

    -Assess weight status and obesity and related factors

    - Evaluation of nutrition programs


    omidvar.nasrin@gmail. with
    Dr. Bahram Rashid Khani MD and PhD Nutrition Epidemiology General Practitioner and


    Associate Professor Bachelor of Nutrition Sciences : اپیدمیولوژی بیماریها- آمار حیاتی

    Masters : Nutritional epidemiology

    Ph.D. in Nutrition : Nutritional epidemiology

    -Epidemiology of cancer in the field of nutrition

    Dietary patterns and their relationship to chronic diseases

    Dr. Hassan Eini Zeinab PhD Sociology / Demographic Orientation Sociology (Population and health)


    Associate Professor Masters: Application of computer in nutrition- روش تحقیق در علوم بهداشتی

    Masters: اصول کامپیوتر، برنامه ریزی غذا و تغذیه

    P.H.D Politics: Population, environment and nutrition; Advanced Statistics; Food and Nutrition Policy Analysis; Advanced Analysis of Food and Nutrition Policy; Socio-economic factors affect food selection

    P.H.D nutrition science: Advanced research method

    – Sustainable food and nutrition systems

    -Stable diet

    -Food and nutrition policy

    – Methodology

    Data analysis

    hassan.eini@sbmu.ac.ir Hassan.eini@gmail.com
    Dr. Jalaluddin Mirza Razaz MD and PhD Nutrition / Cellular-Molecular Tendency Physician-Nutrition Science


    Assistant Professor Bachelor of Nutrition Sciences : تغذیه در دوران های مختلف زندگی- بیماریهای ناشی از سوء تغذیه و اپیدمیولوژی آن- کارموزی PHC (City)-Seminar- Assessing nutritional status



    -Transgenic products

    -Nutrition for the elderly

    -Nanonutrition nutrition

    Jmrazzaz@sbmu.ac.ir jmrazzaz@hotmail.com
    Dr. Arezoo Rezazadeh PhD in Nutrition / Epidemiology and Genetics Nutrition Assistant Professor Masters: Nutrition assessment (Theoretical and practical)- تغذیه گروههای ویژه، بیماریهای ناشی از سوء تغذیه و اپیدمیولوژی آن، تغذیه در دوران مختلف زندگی، روش تحقیق در علوم بهداشتی، کارموزی PHC (City)

    Masters: Seminar, Computer Principles

    Doctor of Reproductive Health: Nutrition and Reproductive Health

    P.H.D: , Nutrition in Crisis and Emergency Conditions Advanced Nutrition Epidemiology (Practical)


    -Assessment of nutritional status, nutrition epidemiology in different periods of life(Pregnancy and lactation, adulthood, old age)




    Name of group manager: Dr. Nasser Kalantari

    Group experts (E-mail): مرجان نقوی marjan_naghavi45@yahoo.com

    Direct group phone number: ۰۲۱۲۲۰۷۷۴۲۴


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