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Imam Ali (ع) Says : Whoever slanders and criticizes himself, corrects himself, and whoever boasts, has ruined his research..

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    Attar Commemoration Day
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    Attar Commemoration Day

    April 16 is the national day of Attar in the Iranian calendar, which is held every year in Neishabour, his tomb, along with Attarology programs.. عطار نیشابوری عارف و شاعر برجسته ایرانی است که با سخن ساده و بی پیرایه مقاصد عرفانی خویش را به گوش جهانیان رساند، شاعری که با بهره گرفتن از تمثیل ها و حکایت های […]

    Happy new year
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