Research Affairs Office : 

Main tasks
•    To present suggestions and research projects for expanding research affairs of the NNFTRI
•    To review the NNFTRI research laws and make suggestion for correcting them considering the current situation and the NNFTRI future
•    To hold the Research Council sessions and other related councils and committees
•    To submit research proposals to the Research Council and to monitor the process of approving,    managing and supervising the conducting of the proposed research projects and to confirm the final reports.
•    To perform the process of review and consideration of the proposed research projects and to follow the related financial and administrative affairs.
•    To perform the technical affairs related to the amount of the budget needed for performing research activities and supervise the expenditures.
•    To provide facilities for analyzing the research projects data
•    To assess and determine hard- and soft wares needs
•    To maintain and update data banks 
•    To hold workshops, seminars, congresses and festivals in the field Nutrition and Food Technology Sciences and to cooperate with other organizations in this regard.

 1. Assessment of nutritional status of the people, and identifying the causes and origins of the problems in different age, sex, socio-geographical groups.

 2. Providing scientific data basis for policymaking, programming and implementation management in fulfilling the basic food and health needs of the people in a developmental matrices.

 3. Improving public nutritional awareness in order to expand and lead appropriate nutrition and health behavior.

Under direct supervision of the deputy for research, the research affairs and food and nutrition-counseling units work. The research deputy staff also covers responsibilities of the research affairs office with cooperation of official and contractual based staff.

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