School of Nutrition Sciences and Food Technology

The School of Nutrition Sciences and Food Technology is one of the schools of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences. The educational programs lead to BSc, MSc and PhD degrees in Nutrition and BSc and MSc in Food Sciences and Technology. Currently more than 730 students are studying at different levels.  Director of the Institute also acts as the dean of the school.

Departments of the school
•    Department of Basic Sciences and Cellular-Molecular Nutrition
•    Department of Human Nutrition
•    Department of Community Nutrition
•    Department of Food Sciences and Technology

The vision is to train nutrition professionals who offer efficient and effective practice of the highest possible standard and safety, founded on up-to-date research and knowledge. They will meet the present and future health care needs of the people as members of the health team in a cost effective manner in a variety of settings, with the ultimate goal of contributing to the maintenance and for improvement of quality of life.
The food sciences and technology training program, through combination of science and practice, is considered as one of the best higher education programs which transfers food knowledge via holistic education and latest research. The future place of graduates will be determined according to educational and research priorities, food production, and public health needs.

Strengthened by a rich belief in human worth, the mission of school of nutrition for nutritional sciences major is 
1) To prepare professionally educated nutritionists who are capable of  moral, intellectual, and professional leadership needed to provide continuing quality in nutrition education, and in nutrition services, and
 2) To advance nutrition knowledge and skill through scientific inquiry and other scholarly activity.
For the food sciences and technology major the mission of the faculty is
1) To educate food technologists who are aware of the latest knowledge of production technology and food safety and control in order to achieve the highest national and international educational and professional standards,
2) To strengthen the graduates to understand forthcoming scientific improvements,
3) To strengthen the graduates regarding the ability of overcoming production technology needs, quality control, and food safety issues in the community, and
4) To protect and improve the health at community level.

Nutrition Sciences is a branch of biosciences, combination of art and science in which the nutrition professional will plan and execute research, education and counseling services in nutrition and food system with a thorough understanding of the problems. The education program consists comprehensive activities which need deep knowledge of physiology, biology, medicine, metabolism and understanding of physical, socio-economical, cultural factors, access to food and nutritional epidemiology.
The aim of the nutrition program is to enhance the quality of human life by educating under- and post-graduate students for professional nutrition practices. The program provides the general and professional education essential to understand human beings, their culture, and their environment; for acquiring and applying nutrition theories upon which nutrition practice is based; and for promising self- understanding, personal fulfillment, and motivation for continued learning.

Degree programs

Nutrition Sciences

BSc in Nutritional Sciences
The academic programs in nutrition provide opportunity for education in fields of professional specialization. Students take courses in nutrition, clinical nutrition, food sciences, and food service management along with other courses such as biochemistry, physiology, biostatistics, English, and economics. Graduates are prepared for careers in clinical dietetics, health and wellness programs, community nutrition and public health, or consultation and private practice.

MSc in Nutritional Sciences
The primary objectives provide graduate programmers:
o    To advance students' knowledge and expertise in their field of study
o    To build in research capabilities which will contribute to the profession and to society through improved quality of life
o    To provide courses of study to meet specific professional goals and to advance competencies in the areas of specialization
o    To assist in the development of professional leaders for the future.

PhD in Nutritional Sciences
PhD in Nutrition and food policies
The main goal of PhD program is educating students to become future educational and research leaders in food and nutrition. The graduates are expected to design, supervise and perform educational and research programs from different aspects
o    To provide suitable approaches for solving nutritional problems at individual and community levels 
o    To exert management and leadership in food and nutrition planning and policy making. 

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