Research Department of Food & Nutrition Policy and Planning of the SBMU National Nutrition and Food Technology Research Institute

Research Department of Food & Nutrition Policy and Planning benefiting from the presence of five academic staff members and three researchers. Moreover, the department benefits from the collaboration of development specialists, economists, sociologists, food safety specialists and psychologists as consultants.


The department seeks to develop research priorities and short-, mid- and long-term policies in food and nutrition. It also seek to provide specialized consultations to national and regional organizations, and to monitor and evaluate the nutritional status at the community level, and to upgrade the science and research of the faculty members, staff, and students in all educational levels. 

Moreover, the department attempt to analyze food and nutrition policies and study the challenges facing present policies, laws and regulations in order to reform and better the current situation and also offer practical solutions.


The department pursues to establish the mechanisms in improving and promoting research and education in line with removing the existing challenges to food and nutrition policies. Policy analysis, developing and testing problem-solving models, and advocacy for policy change and or reinforcement are among the department’s mission.


A-Identifying food and nutrition problems at the micro and macro levels as well as developing and testing suitable solutions;

B- Preparing scientific bases for food and nutrition policies and programs in the country;

C- Establishing relationship between scientific positions and governmental policies;

D- Constant and effective application of latest scientific findings both in Iran and the globe in the policy-making and planning within the country;

E- Designing policies to improve food and nutrition security at various levels;

F- Orienting research at the Institute towards national priorities, and using scientific research findings in reviews and evaluations;

G- Identifying research needs and priorities and establishing relationships with planning and administration at the national level;

H- Encouraging research departments of the Institute and academic centers to follow research n line with the research priorities outlined;

I-Studying the role of nutrition and food industry as an important factor in economic development of the country;

J- Studying socio-economic and cultural indices in changing the household food practices and patterns, and the role of the government, NGOs, and international organizations in the field;

K- Establishing co-ordinations among various sectors of food and nutrition in research activities (inter-sectoral collaboration);

L- Studying and developing an integrated national nutrition surveillance and monitoring systems, especially among the vulnerable groups


The research programs of the department include the following:

A-Monitoring and evaluation of community nutrition;

B- Food and nutrition security at the community level;

C- developing and evaluating micronutrient supplementation and fortification policies and programs to be implemented at the national level;

D- Studying dietary patterns and system among  vulnerable groups, with special focus on children and adolescents;

E- Studying the impact of subsidiary policies on the community nutritional status;

F- Other activities including, but no limited to, reviewing research proposals and manuscripts, and organizing workshops for faculty members, researchers and students at various levels


Head of the Department: Dr Fatemeh Mohammdi Nasr Abadi

Tel.: (+98)- 21- 2208- 6349


List of faculty members of the Research Department for Food & Nutrition Policy and Planning of the SBMU National Nutrition and Food Technology Research Institute


Research Interests

Educational Interests

Field of Study

Academic rank & Position


Food and Nutrition Security, Obesity Interventions

Nutrition in Specific Groups, Nutrition Epidemiology, Research methodology, Dietary Planning

Nutrition Sciences

PhD,  Research Associate Professor

Majid Hajifaraji



Food and Nutrition Security; Food Consumption Surveys; Community Nutrition

Food and Nutrition Planning; food Economics

Nutrition Sciences

PhD, Research Assistant Professor

Fatemeh Mohammadi Nasr Abadi



Cellular-Molecular Nutrition in Cancers, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Cerebral Ischemia 

Basics of Nutrition

Nutrition Sciences

PhD, Research Assistant Professor

Marjan Ajami



Pediatric and adolescent Nutrition, Mother & Child Nutritional Interventions

Nutrition in Special Groups, Dietary Planning

Nutrition Sciences

MS.c, and PhD candidate

Fatemeh Esfarjani



Qualitative Research; Sports Nutrition; Food and Nutrition Security; Micronutrient Consumption Pattern

Micro-Nutrients; Food and Nutrition Security; Nutrition in Special Groups


MS.c, and PhD candidate

Nahid Salarkia






List of staff of the Research Department for Food & Nutrition Policy and Planning at the SBMU National Nutrition and Food Technology Research Institute


Research Interests

Field of Study

Academic rank & Position


Anemia; Iron-Supplementation; Oxidative Stress

Nutrition Sciences


Mohammad Reza Khosh Fetrat



Low-Weight; Obesity; Eating disorders

Public Health Nutrition


Roushanak Roostaee




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