National Nutrition & Food Technology Research Institute (NNFTRI)


The Institute has been acting as a collaborative centre to the World Health Organization since 1993. This, with other international collaborations, has provided a facilitated forum for scientific exchange and interactions with regional and international academic organizations and scientists.

The above-mentioned responsibilities, areas of activities and team of experts have made the NNFTRI a key body in different processes of the food and nutrition system in Iran.



1- To become

   One of the most prestigious academic and research institute world wild

   The major academic - and research reference in national food and nutrition system

   Reference in food and nutrition sciences

2- To be run

   Based on IT (Information Technology)

   With assistance of developed human resources



The National Nutrition and Food Technology Research Institute

(NNFTRI) is a national academic, research, counseling, and educational organization in the field of food and nutrition which is active in developing food and nutrition sciences as well as promoting health and food and nutrition security of the population.


Research Departments

  • Department of Nutrition Research
  • Department of Food Technology Research
  • Department of Food and Nutrition Policy and Planning Research



  • The Research Affairs Office
  • The Public Education Unit
  • Iranian Journal of Nutrition Sciences and Food Technology
  • The Computer Site and IT services
  • The Library and Document Center
  • Affiliated Provincial Research Bases
  • Food and Nutrition Counseling Unit


Main Tasks

  • To supervise the establishing of the NNFTRI research policies
  • To enhance research-related skills of the researches
  • To expand laboratories trials and field study facilities
  • To cooperate in determining goals, strategies, and national food and nutrition programs
  • To extend the NNFTRI communication with Iranian and foreign research and administrative organizations
  • To provide appropriate condition for putting research outcomes into practice
  • To improve library and IT facilities in terms of services
  • To introduce the NNFTRI to the public
  • To recognize talented researchers and to persuade them and to offer suitable condition for using their abilities 
  • To provide related statistics and reports of research activities of the NNFTRI to high council and related organizations.
  • To provide “The National Document of the Infrastructure Development of Food and Nutrition Security”.


Research Laboratories

  1. These laboratories are located at two departments of the Institute:
    1. Nutrition Research
    2. Food Technology Research
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