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Imam Ali (ع) Says : Whoever slanders and criticizes himself, corrects himself, and whoever boasts, has ruined his research..

Monday, May 10 , ۱۴۰۰ 29 Ramadan 1442 Monday, 10 May , 2021 the watch Total number of posts : 454 Number of posts today : 0 number of members : 103 Number of views : 0×
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    The Institute of Nutritional Research and Food Industry of the country since 1992 as a partner center of the World Health Organization in education and nutrition research has carried out many activities at the national and international levels in line with the goals of the World Health Organization..

    It is worth mentioning that since 2016, the scope of activities of this group as a WHO partner organization has expanded to the field of nutrition and food industry..

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