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    1. Study of nutritional status to control the achievement of the goals of the World Health Organization in the region

    Responsible : Dr. Tirang Neyestani

    Description: The World Health Organization (WHO) intends to monitor the nutritional status of different communities in the region in order to control the global goals of combating malnutrition.. In this regard, and to help conduct this study, the Institute of Nutritional Research and Food Industry of the country will be responsible for analyzing the situation in the region.. First, the relevant questionnaire was designed by the colleagues of the institute and after the approval of the World Health Organization, it will be translated into Arabic, English and French.. WHO facilitates the institute's contacts with countries in the region to provide the required information to the collection..

    پس از دریافت داده های مورد نیاز در مورد اهداف ۲۰۲۵ سازمان جهانی بهداشت از کشورهای منطقه، اطلاعات آنالیز شده و گزارشها در اختیار WHO قرار خواهند گرفت.

    وضعیت: در دست اجرا


    2. Study the cost-effectiveness of nutritional interventions and their consequences in the countries of the region

    Responsible: Dr. Nasrin Omidvar

    To carry out this project, a national study will be conducted to analyze the cost-effectiveness of interventions with the aim of improving the nutritional status of children in Iran.. Then a systematic review study in this field will be conducted in the countries of the region.

    وضعیت: در دست اجرا


    3. Study the pattern of food consumption

    Responsible: Dr. Morteza Abdollahi

    To carry out this project, in the first phase, a national study will be conducted. The Nutrition Research Institute will then assess the intake of salt, total fat, saturated fatty acids and sugar in countries designated by the WHO.. انستیتو پرسشنامه های لازم را طراحی کرده و دوره های آموزشی برای انجام مطالعه برای اجراکنندگان در منطقه برگزار خواهد کرد. It will also analyze the data and provide final reports to the WHO.

    وضعیت: در دست اجرا


    4. Preparation of a protocol for examining the status of nutrition and diet and its relationship with chronic diseases in Iran

    Responsible: Dr. Tirang Neyestani

    In this project, the Nutrition Status Assessment Community Protocol will be designed and developed at the national level. The design of this protocol will help to provide the data needed by policy makers to design appropriate policies and interventions to reduce the risk of nutrition-related diseases, especially NCDs, dietary standards and dietary guidelines..


    وضعیت: کامل شده


    ۵٫آنالیز سیاستهای مالی بر رژیم غذایی سالم با هدف کاهش عوامل خطر بیماریهای غیرواگیر در ایران

    Responsible: دکتر فاطمه نصرآبادی

    هدف اصلی این پروژه کمک به سیاستگذاران برای بررسی سیاستهای مالی اخیر در حوزه غذا و تغذیه است شامل ارزیابی قوانین،‌ یارانه، سین تکس تا بتوان با بهبود شرایط، به ارتقا رژیم غذایی سالم در راستای کاهش عوامل خطر بیماریهای غیر واگیر کمک نمود.

    وضعیت: کامل شده

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