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    An Introduction to the Role and Position of Public Relations
    Public relations in any organization is an effective, close and constructive communication system of the management of that organization with other departments, whether internal or external.. By establishing this connection, it is possible to adapt the outputs of an organization to external needs.. A process that is the existential cause of the emergence and continuity of that organization's life. Public relations is, in fact, a dual tool that, on the one hand, makes managers aware of the environment around them and, on the other hand, reflects their activities correctly to the audience.. Establishing this two-way communication at every level is synonymous with the level of success of public relations. That's why it's important to pay attention to a few things about public relations activities.
    First, in public relations activities, communication is always "two-way.".
    Second, in communication processes, public relations is always based on "understanding.". There is no place for "imposition" in communications in this area.
    Another point is to rely on "research" in the true sense of the word. Relying on research, which means the unaffected reality of any phenomenon, allows public relations to guide the organization's decision-making in the best possible way.. "Research" and achieving unaffected reality is possible only through continuous and regular measurement, and only in this way can "trust" be attracted to him and in the process by transferring and providing accurate and efficient information to the system management system. His decision-making contributed.
    The next point is "ethics" in public relations. However, the traditional approach to public relations is an instrumental approach and the use of this unit is usually considered for advertising. But the scientific position of public relations is not advertising, but explaining the position of the system in society and explaining the processes within the system for management.. In this way, adherence to professional ethics is a necessity not only in terms of transcendent values ​​but also from a technical and professional point of view.. Without this commitment, accurate and correct information will not be passed on to management and the organization. In that case, the system will not realize its shortcomings and will not seek to eliminate its shortcomings and improve its quality.. به همین دلیل عمل «شرافتمندانه» ، احترام به مخاطبین اعم از موافق و مخالف، تأکید بر تفاهم و تعامل ،‌ایجاد هماهنگی بین سازمان و گروه های مرتبط ، توجه به منافع بلند مدت، تمیز واقعیات از شبهاتی که خود را همچون واقعیات جلوه می دهند، وفاداری به اهداف سازمان و تثبیت رفتار صادقانه با همکاران از جمله مبانی ضروری در فعالیت هر سیستم و من جمله روابط عمومی است.

    Finally, relying on this approach, public relations should be considered part of the "management" process and not a tool for managing. به عبارت دیگر روابط عمومی یک سامانه اجرایی در نظام مدیریت محسوب نمی شود بلکه یک سامانه مشورتی در فرآیند تصمیم سازی و سیاست گذاری است. Public relations is part of the organization's adaptive system to its environment. Public relations helps the organization and its management to interact properly with their environment. Public relations is not a mere reflection, but a participatory factor in reforming what is ultimately reflected in society.. به این منظور روابط عمومی انستیتو ودانشکده در جهت تحقق اهدافی که در ذیل می آید خود را ملزم به برنامه ریزی و تلاش می داند:

    • Prepare news from the latest events, ceremonies, occasions and meetings
    • Information on the latest news and scientific content prepared through the public relations site
    • Coordinating with the media and newspapers and radio and television to prepare reports and news of ceremonies and occasions
    • Coordination and cooperation in holding special ceremonies such as appreciation of exemplary employees and……
    • Coordinating and holding ceremonies in honor of professors, introduction and farewell of managers and و.
    • Coordinating and collaborating on special programs such as: هفته پژوهش …..
    • Receive staff comments and suggestions
    • Prepare a video report of the ceremony for use on the site or send it to the relevant unit
    • Carrying out the requested affairs by the office of the head of the institute and the university


    Public Relations Phone : ۲۲۰۷۷۴۲۵

    List of Public Relations Numbers of the Institute of Nutritional Research and Food Industry

    Row first name and last name Major Side Picture
    ۱ Fariba Asadi
    Master of Communication

    Head of Public Relations

    ۲ Fatemeh Mohammadi Bachelor of Public Relations Expert Mohammadi
    ۳ Omid Rahimi Diploma Audiovisual Rahimi


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