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    Introducing the library:

    The library of the Institute of Nutritional Research and Food Industry and the Faculty of Nutrition of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences has a history of 40 years. This library is built on two floors with an area of ​​about 700 square meters in the area of ​​Gharb town.

    The mission of the library:

    Identify the information needs of professors, students and staff

    Provide users with the scientific resources and information they need

    Customer guidance and training in retrieving and using information resources

    Information in relevant subject areas

    Contribute to the development of educational programs in all fields of nutrition and food industry and the Institute of Nutrition Research

    Contribute to the development of research programs at the School and the Institute of Nutritional Research

    Help improve the specialized knowledge of library librarians

    Library goals

    Support the educational, research goals of the School of Nutrition Sciences and the Institute of Nutritional Research by meeting the information needs of professors, students and other users.
    – Use new methods of librarianship and information and advanced information technologies to make optimal use of human resources, resources, and facilities to disseminate information more quickly, increase access to it, and actively provide services. .
    – Collecting a rich collection of scientific-specialized information sources and reference in the fields of activity of the faculty and improving its quantitative and qualitative level in order to meet the needs of the clients as much as possible..
    – Collecting and organizing a collection of books, periodicals, audio-visual materials, dissertations, and other materials and resources needed for educational programs, research projects, and student dissertations. .
    – Collecting and organizing a set of general and specialized resources .
    – Provide guides and brochures to inform professors and students about library resources and services .
    – Develop and implement library use training programs for students and faculty .
    – Effectively organize the collection in order to increase access to it .
    – Hiring and employing skilled and specialized personnel and trying to grow and improve their scientific level .
    – Collecting library activities and reporting it to a superior .

    Code of Ethics


    Charter of Library Users' Rights Of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences

    Receive up-to-date science in librarianship services and information behavior within the framework of professional ethics due to the role of information in health and error reduction..

    Ask the librarian for guidance in making the best use of the library and not be ignorant of his or her questions..

    Take advantage of standard and ergonomic physical conditions for study. As: Acoustics, light, humidity, temperature, ventilation, tables, chairs, and other equipment and facilities

    View desktops, electronic resources, the organization's website, newsletter, library news, and user training schedules.

    To the library collection within the framework of the collection policy(Printed and electronic) Have access except in exceptional cases.

    Each client has the right to express their views on the selection, purchase, ordering, and other library processes throughout the year..

    Part of the resources of medical center libraries should be allocated to comprehensive and up-to-date disease education, and its catalogs should be sent to the relevant clinical departments, in coordination with the clinical unit manager, for information..

    In the libraries of research and educational centers, information about the libraries of domestic and foreign counterpart centers should be included in the bulletin board..

    Provide information consulting services in research that the researcher needs.

    Respect the cultural beliefs of different clients and also do not place the field of advertising outside the goals of the organization.

    Upon entering the library: Clearly view library opening hours, terms of use of various resources and facilities, news, announcements and plans of different parts of the library.

    Vision of the Library of the Faculty of Nutrition Sciences and Food Industry and the Institute of Nutritional Research and Food Industry

    The library of the Faculty of Nutrition Sciences and Food Industry and the Institute of Nutritional Research and Food Industry of the country intends to create appropriate conditions

    In the field of education, provide research in the following departments and play an effective role in promoting community health and university scientific products in the field of medical sciences:

    ۱- Providing printed and electronic scientific documents and resources ) Including books, magazines, databases and educational tablets (

    2- Training faculty members, researchers and staff and informing

    ۳- Responding to clients.

    ۴- Upgrading and equipping the central library and the library of the affiliated units with the latest library and information facilities

    ۵- Employing efficient, committed and capable human resources

    6- Providing services with desirable quality and increasing client satisfaction

    Library Rules and Regulations

    • Absolute silence in the library environment is mandatory.
    • Eating and drinking in the library is prohibited.
    • Library chairs can never be moved from one side of the library to the other.
    • The use of mobile phones in the library is strictly prohibited.
    • Observance of Islamic manners and hijab is mandatory.
    • Studying while walking in the hall is prohibited.
    • Students must be a member of the library:
    • The book is only lent to a person who is a member of the library.
    • Publications, dissertations and research projects are not trustworthy in any way and are not taken out of the library..
    • Students who are not members of the library can only use the books in the library environment.
    • Only the borrower in Qebal The library is responsible and accepts any excuses in case of problems is not.
    • It is necessary to bring the book to renew it.
    • In special cases, such as books that do not have a sufficient number of copies in the library or during exams and the like, it is not renewed..
    • It is not possible to extend books that are returned late.
    • For each delay in returning the books, the next time the book borrower is not lent.
    • If the borrower loses the materials borrowed from the library, he is obliged to prepare and deliver it in the shortest time and it is the responsibility of the librarian to determine how it is done.
    • If the lost loan materials have become scarce, the borrower must replace the book at the discretion of the person in charge and the need of the library. N.


    Schedule and register workshops

    • To participate in the library workshops, the representative of each class can, if necessary, refer to the research assistant and submit their application.. After the review, the workshop will be held by the deputy.
    • It should be noted that the schedule of the workshop will be tailored to the needs of students.


    Library resources

    • 10119 volumes of Persian books include 4526 titles and 5955 volumes of Latin books include 5042 titles.
    • Latin magazines have about 259 titles and Persian magazines about 160 titles.
    • The collection includes about 453 bachelors, 648 master's theses, 70 doctorates and about 571 research projects in the fields of nutrition and food industry..
    • The library's digital resources include 3,000 Latin dissertations, documents and e-books..

    Library sections included:

    • Technical services department:All technical services related to library resources are performed using the university's digital library portal.
    • Lending and reference section: Library lending affairs, including registration of clients and lending of resources, are done using the university's digital library portal.. The library is also equipped with electronic protection system and CCTV.
    • Publications and dissertations and documents section: This section includes dissertations, standards, Persian and Latin printed journals, and research projects conducted at institutes and colleges..
    • Information section and databases:This section searches for articles requested by clients from databases purchased by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education..

    Library staff and job descriptions

    • Head of Library

    Duties: Planning, organizing, coordinating and controlling library activities

    Take action and monitor the selection and purchase of required resources

    Review and forecast library needs

    Sepideh Ali Beyk (Head of Library)

    education: Bachelor of Business Administration

    work experience: 28 years

    Phone:22357484 Internal 357

    • Technical services department


    Registration of resources, both printed and electronic

    Cataloging and classification of resources

    Enter resource information in the university digital library portal

    Prepare resources and submit to the library repository

    Attach electronic resource files to their bibliographic information

    Collaborate with other sections of the library when needed

    Maryam Haji Gholam Srizadi (Responsible for the technical department)

    education: Master of Library

    work experience : ۱۸سال

    Phone Call: 22357484 Internal 357

    • Lending and reference section


    Guide all users to use library resources

    Answering reference questions of library clients

    Search and retrieve library resource information

    Lending, renewal and return of resources

    File and check the books on the shelves as well as the returned books

    Monitoring and control of resources

    Weed resources periodically

    Review and evaluate resources to complete and update the library collection

    Supervise study hall affairs

    Carrying out matters related to the settlement and graduation of students

    Doing things related to membership

    محمد مفاخری (Responsible for the reference and trust section)

    education: Bachelor of Library

    work experience: 20 years

    Phone Call: 22357484 Internal 354

    • Thesis and publications section


    Enter the information of general and specialized dissertations in the portal of the university digital library

    Add electronic file of dissertations in the university digital library portal

    Enter the information of Persian and Latin publications in the portal of the university digital library

    Search for dissertations and articles for clients through the university's digital library portal

    Narges Abbasgholi (Responsible for publications and dissertations)

    education: Bachelor of Medical Library

    work experience: ۱۳سال

    Maryam Rathi (Responsible for publications and dissertations)

    education: Master of Library

    work experience : 13 years

    Phone Call: 22357484 Internal 361

    • Information section

    Information section: This section searches for articles requested by clients from databases purchased by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. Also, training workshops are held in this section..

    Maryam Haji Gholam Srizadi (Information section librarian)

    education : Master of Library

    work experience : 18 years

    Phone Call : 22357484 Internal 357

    Sepideh Ali Beyk ( Workshop instructor)

    education: expert of commercial managment

    28 years of work experience

    Call 22357484 ext. 357


    Library opening hours

    From Saturday to Wednesday : Reading room : 8 am to 7 pm

    Thesis and publications section: 8 am to 3 pm

    The library is closed on Thursdays and public holidays


    In line with the operational plan, providing access to electronic resources and optimizing this research capital and in order to use these resources in a correct, effective and practical way, the university digital library portal was launched. http://dlib.sbmu.ac.ir

    Library Honors

    In 1390, the library was honored to be ranked first among the affiliated libraries of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences..

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