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Imam Ali (ع) Says : Whoever slanders and criticizes himself, corrects himself, and whoever boasts, has ruined his research..

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    The Institute of Nutritional Research and Food Industry was established on 1378/8/27 based on the approval of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 15/13698 under the name of the Iranian Food and Nutrition Institute and its affiliated high school as an independent organization related to the then Ministry of Health.. The main purpose of establishing the Iranian Food and Nutrition Institute was to determine the general nutrition policy of the country based on studies and research.. Then, in 1976, the former National Assembly passed the Law on the Establishment of the Iranian Institute of Nutrition and Food Industry, and as a result, the Law on the Permission to Establish the Iranian Food and Nutrition Institute was revoked and replaced by a new institute.. Until 1986, the Institute of Nutritional Sciences and Food Industry of Iran was affiliated with the former Ministry of Health, and after that, at the same time as the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education, it joined Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and Health Services.. In 1991, in accordance with the developments and developments in the world and the change of research attitude, according to the approval of the Islamic Consultative Assembly and the approval of the Guardian Council, a new organization called “Institute of Nutritional Research and Food Industry” It was established as a scientific and research institute with financial independence and legal personality and affiliated to Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences.. Under the decree, the institute once again regained its official position as a national institution with legal and financial independence..

    ۱- Efforts to become one of the most reputable research and scientific institutions in the national, regional and global arenas.
    To a national academic and research reference in the field of food and nutrition.
    To a reference in the sciences related to food and nutrition.
    ۲- Continue to move based on information technology (Information Technology). Developed with the help of human resources.
    Assessing the nutritional status of the Iranian society, identifying, deficiencies, deficiencies and causes and roots of problems and their trends in different age groups and social classes and geographical areas.
    1- Preparing and providing a scientific and information basis to help policy-making, planning and executive management in order to meet the food needs of the people, providing and health of the country's development..
    2- Training the specialists and experts needed to advance the sciences, design, planning and management of the technical, scientific and executive parts of the country in the dimensions of production, conversion, food consumption and community health.
    3- Creating sufficient and continuous public awareness in order to expand and guide the appropriate food and health culture.

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