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    Introducing the members of the community nutrition group


    Faculty members of the community nutrition group
    Picture first name and last name degree of education Major Academic Rank Field of educational activities Field of research activities E-mail
    Dr. Nasser Kalantari MD Pediatrician Doctor


    Professor Masters : Nutrition services in the health care system, life cycle nutrition, child malnutrition

    Masters : Food and nutrition planning

    PhD in Politics : Nutrition in crisis, population, environment and nutrition

    Improve children's growth, nutrition and development(ECD)

    -Breast milk

    -Integrated management of pediatric diseases (Mana)

    -Food security and community nutrition

    nkalantari1334 @ gmail
    Dr. Nasrin Omidvar PhD in Nutrition Science / Health Education and Psychology nutrition science Professor Bachelor of Nutrition Sciences: Nutrition assessment- Principles of nutrition planning and management- Feeding special groups

    Master of Nutritional Sciences : Food and nutrition planning

    Ph.D. in Nutrition : Planning and managing nutrition programs

    PhD in Food and Nutrition Policy: History of Nutrition Thinking,

    Reproductive Health PhD: Nutrition and Reproductive Health

    – Food security

    -Interventions to change eating behaviors and improve lifestyles, especially in children and adolescents

    -Assess weight status and obesity and related factors

    - Evaluation of nutrition programs

    omidvar.nasrin@gmail. with
    Dr. Bahram Rashid Khani MD and PhD Nutrition Epidemiology General Practitioner and


    Associate Professor Bachelor of Nutrition Sciences : Epidemiology of diseases- Biostatistics

    Masters : Nutritional epidemiology

    Ph.D. in Nutrition : Nutritional epidemiology

    Epidemiology of cancer in the field of nutrition

    Dietary patterns and their relationship to chronic diseases

    Dr. Hassan Eini Zeinab PhD Sociology / Demographic Orientation

    Sociology (Population and health)

    Associate Professor Masters: Application of computer in nutrition- Research methods in health sciences

    Masters: Basics of computer, food planning and nutrition

    P.H.D Politics: Population, environment and nutrition; Advanced Statistics; Food and Nutrition Policy Analysis; Advanced Analysis of Food and Nutrition Policy; Socio-economic factors affect food selection

    Ph.D. in Nutrition: Advanced research method

    Sustainable food and nutrition systems

    -Stable diet

    -Food and nutrition policy

    – Methodology

    Data analysis



    Dr. Jalaluddin Mirza Razaz MD and PhD Nutrition / Cellular-Molecular Tendency

    Physician-Nutrition Science

    Assistant Professor Bachelor of Nutrition Sciences : Nutrition at different stages of life- Diseases caused by malnutrition and its epidemiology- PHC Internship (City)-Seminar- Assessing nutritional status


    Transgenic products

    -Nutrition for the elderly

    -Nanonutrition nutrition



    Dr. Arezoo Reza Za



    PhD in Nutrition / Epidemiology and Genetics Nutrition Assistant Professor Masters: Nutrition assessment (Theoretical and practical)- Nutrition of special groups, diseases caused by malnutrition and its epidemiology, nutrition at different stages of life, research method in health sciences, PHC internship (City)

    Masters: Seminar, Computer Principles

    Doctor of Reproductive Health: Nutrition and Reproductive Health

    P.H.D: , Nutrition in Crisis and Emergency Conditions Advanced Nutrition Epidemiology (Practical)

    -Assessment of nutritional status, nutrition epidemiology in different periods of life(Pregnancy and lactation, adulthood, old age) arezoo.rezazadeh@gmail.com



    Name of group manager: Dr. Nasser Kalantari

    Group experts (E-mail): Marjan Naghavi marjan_naghavi45@yahoo.com

    Direct group phone number: ۰۲۱۲۲۰۷۷۴۲۴

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