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    Faculty members of the Department of Food Science and Technology

    Picture first name and last name degree of education Major Academic Rank Field of educational activities Field of research activities E-mail
    Seyed Hedayat Hosseini Ph.D Food safety and health Professor Food Microbiology

    Toxicology and food poisoning

    Meat and seafood industry

    Foodborne pathogens

    Risk assessment and reduction of toxins and food contaminants

    Formulation and production of new and beneficial meat and marine products

    Seyed Amir Mohammad Mortazavian Ph.D Food Science and Technology Professor Food Chemistry, Efficient and Bioactive Foods, Dairy, Formulation Useful food



    Abdul Reza Mohammadi Ph.D Device analysis Professor Mechanical analysis, new methods of food analysis, practical methods of toxicology and food analysis Develop methods for measuring food contaminants, assess the risk of contaminants and ways to reduce them ab.mohammadi@sbmu.ac.ir
    Kushan Nayebzadeh Ph.D Food Science and Technology Associate Professor Food Rheology

    Advanced Food Processes

    Oil technology

    Food storage processes

    Special application oils

    Food fat substitutes

    Food Rheology

    Saeedeh Shojaei Aliabadi Ph.D Food Science and Technology Quality Control Orientation Assistant Professor Food Microbiology, Meat Industry, Test Design, Nanotechnology Food Microbiology

    Antimicrobial packaging

    Meat products

    Mehdi Farhoudi Ph.D Food Science and Technology Associate Professor

    Principles of Food Industry Engineering

    Principles of Supplementary Engineering in Food Industry

    Advanced food packaging

    Principles of food factory design

    Formulation, processing and storage of food

    Application of nanoparticles in food packaging

    Application of active and intelligent packaging for food storage

    Investigating food interactions and packaging

    Leila is dead Ph.D Food Science and Technology Assistant Professor Cereal industries Confectionery and beverage industries- Nano technology Improves protein structure and grain starch- Ultrasonic grain products-nanotechnology mirmoghtadaie@sbmu.ac.ir
    Seyedeh Marzieh Hosseini Ph.D Food Science and Technology Quality Control Orientation Assistant Professor Quality control of food, experiment design, bioactive food Micro-composition of bioactive compounds, beneficial food products Sm_hosseini@sbmu.ac.ir
    سحر جزائری Ph.D Food Science and Technology Assistant Professor Canning industry- Health and food safety systems- Cereal industries - the effect of food processes (Technology and Chemistry) Formulation (Reduce sugar, salt, optimize, shelf life, use of accessories ..)- Investigate harmful chemical contaminants and reduce them (Acrylamide and hydroxymethyl furfural, ..)- Application of plant extracts in food Saharjazarri@sbmu.ac.ir
    Vahid Mofid Ph.D Food Science and Technology Assistant Professor Dairy and Dairy Industries, Sugar Industries, Food Preservation Principles, Advanced Food Biotechnology, Seminar, Food Biotechnology -Dairy and dairy products industries

    -Probiotics and unhealthy foods


    Name of group manager: Dr. Seyed Hedayat Hosseini

    Group experts (E-mail): Ms. Ghanbarzadeh Mrs. Ahmadi

    Direct group phone number: ۲۲۳۷۶۴۲۶


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