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    Dr. Vahid Mofid

    Basic Assistant Professor 2

    Vice President for Development and Resource Manager of the Institute of Nutritional Research and Food Industry

    And the School of Nutrition and Food Industry

    Deputy for Resource Development and Management:

    Responsible for the development of quality, quantity and satisfaction at all levels of the Institute of Nutrition Research and Food Industry of the country and in order to achieve lofty goals in line with the general policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran, is considering the importance of actions and activities and consideration Resource constraints, using the most up-to-date and efficient management science and technology, to use the available capital to achieve the goals, improve the level of education and research and the culture of resistance economics.


    Deputy Strategy:

    • Strive to achieve a top rank among all faculties and educational and research institutions in order to achieve the lofty goals of the university
    • Improving organizational structure and improving organizational productivity
    • Improving the level of information and productivity of new technologies
    • Providing experienced and efficient manpower and empowering employees
    • Conservation of human and physical resources


    Deputy goals:

    • Planning, evaluating, monitoring and improving the level of performance management at the faculty and institute level
    • Provide and distribute the financial resources needed by other deputies with regard to modern programs
    • Supply, optimal distribution and empowerment of human resources
    • Increase revenue by identifying existing potentials and creating new sources of revenue
    • Optimize physical space and improve existing space by upgrading physical structure standards


    Members of the Deputy for Management and Resources Development

    first name and last name Major Field of activity of the Deputy for Management and Resources Development Picture
    Dr. Vahid Mofid PhD in Food Science and Technology Deputy Director of Management and Resources Development
    Ali Paykar Nutrition Expert Master of Transformation Management Head of Administration and Support
    Masoumeh Najarian Bachelor of Medical Records Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs of the Institute and the Faculty
    Bahman Ghaderi Master of executive management Human Resources Officer
    Hassan Asgari Bachelor of Management Complementary insurance expert
    Mehdi Khodaei Accounting Supplier
    محمد مفاخری

    Bachelor of Library and Information Science

    Responsible for attendance
    Hajar Mohammadian Diploma in Literature and Humanities officer

















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