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Imam Ali (ع) Says : Whoever slanders and criticizes himself, corrects himself, and whoever boasts, has ruined his research..

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    Student and Cultural Vice Chancellor

    Dr. Mehrdad Mohammadi

    Cultural affairs expert:

    Ms. Fariba Asadi (Master of Public Relations)

    The most important tasks in the field of cultural affairs:

    Preparing a cultural calendar, coordinating cultural hour programs, holding various national and religious ceremonies, coordinating and holding meetings of the cultural council, coordinating the activities of student scientific organizations and associations, coordinating matters related to the gym and the physical education unit of the faculty, holding workshops Educational programs, the link between the faculty counseling center and the university, reviewing and following up on students' problems, presenting brochures related to mental health and counseling in the faculty, coordinating the cultural and artistic activities of the student cultural centers and the faculty student union.

    Student Affairs Expert:

    Ms. Manijeh Mahmoudzadeh

    The most important tasks in the field of student affairs:

    Coordinating matters related to student loans, housing, essential and purchase of goods, insurance and housing deposit to applicant students, settlement at the time of graduation, vaccination and student work.


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