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    The following are the main goals of the Student and Cultural Vice Chancellor of the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Industry, which are in line with the strategic policies of the Honorable Student and Cultural Vice Chancellor of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences.:

    • Promoting the beliefs and values ​​of Islamic culture- Iranian;
    • Empowerment and raising the level of awareness in social affairs;
    • Creating a suitable environment for healthy competition and organizational growth based on the principle of human dignity;
    • Effective participation of students in collective activities in order to create a team spirit and help them by presenting their strategic views;
    • Special attention to the issue of professionalism and how to increase the level of knowledge of students;
    • Providing a suitable platform for the growth and flourishing of students' talents in all dimensions;
    • Identify and empower students and staff in the fields of culture and sports;
    • Holding training workshops- Skills to enhance the abilities and skills of individuals in various social, economic and cultural fields;
    • Improving the mental health of students;
    • Increase the participation of student clubs and organizations in order to achieve cultural goals- social;
    • Promoting cultural activities to improve students' lifestyles;
    • Improving cultural, sports, worship and restaurant spaces;
    • Strengthening the culture of sports among students and staff.

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