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Imam Ali (ع) Says : Whoever slanders and criticizes himself, corrects himself, and whoever boasts, has ruined his research..

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    Student and Cultural Vice Chancellor: Dr. Mehrdad Mohammadi

    Major: PhD in Food Science and Technology

    Science ranking: Assistant Professor

    Achievements: Top researcher of Abu Reihan University Festival / Selected Researcher of the Research Festival of the Institute and the Faculty / هیات علمی جوان برگزیده جشنواره پژوهشی انستیتو و دانشکده/ استاد برتر در ارزیابی دانشجویان (Sama) Faculty and Institute Educational Festival / The best invention of the Swiss Invention Festival / Gold Medal of the Russian Institute of Health / Talented University of Tehran.

    Records: Director of the Food Industry Research Group of the Institute / Member of the board of the Association of Probiotics and Healthy Foods / Scientific Secretary Gym Student researchers / Managing Director of Danesh Bonyan Food Industries / Secretary of evaluation committees and full-time faculty members of the Institute / Research and development manager and production manager of several food industry companies / عضو شوراهای مرکز رشد، پژوهشی، پایلوت، ارتباط با صنعت، برنامه ریزی پژوهشی دانشجویان، حلال و راهبردی انستیتو / Member of the committee for the transition to the third generation university / Member of technical and national committees of the standard organization / Member of the Halal Technical Committee of the Food and Drug Administration / Executive Secretary of the Journal of Applied Microbiology in the Food Industry.

    Research records link: http://isid.research.ac.ir/Sara_Sohrabvandi

    email: sohrabv@sbmu.ac.ir

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